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2-in-1 Water Refilling Station

2-in-1 Water and Bottle Stations

Fully customisable combined water and bottle refilling system which separately delivers a branded reusable drinking bottle in addition to chilled & filtered water from the same unit, providing helpful revenue to support free water availability.

Product Features

'2-in-1' Water Refilling Station

The HydraChill 2-in-1 unit consists of a coin or card operated, microprocessor-controlled machine that dispenses chilled water and refillable bottles in response to a 3-button keypad selection - "Bottle", "One-touch fill" or "Top-up fill."

The machine can hygienically refill any bottle presented, no human or bottle contact is possible with the dispensing head. Spillage is minimised, with comprehensive direct drainage or excess water collection options available.

An LCD display panel shows status and water or bottle selection information. 
Usage can be monitored and configuration altered via a programme menu using both internal and external keypads.

  • High quality design and visual appeal
    Fully customised to your brand, colours and preferred messages. Optional media screens
  • Retracting dispensing head
    Eliminates any cross contamination potential, avoiding contact by human touch or with the bottle
  • Robust frame and operation
    Unprecedented reliability and longevity. HydraChills are proven capable of a million+ uses over many years.
2-in-1 Water Refilling Station

Product Specific Features

  • Accurately dispenses fixed and variable level filling quantities
  • Stores up to 128 reusable water bottles, customised to your brand
  • Coin or card operated, Microprocessor controlled using the latest emcu reprogrammable technology

Essential Features

Silent, user-friendly operation

Constant supply of chilled water at 6°C

Low voltage operation

Designed for disabled access

Industry leading hygiene

Optional Features

Integrated Screen
Integrated Media Screen

Water refilling station with integrated front sceen

Surround Screen
Full Surround Media Screen System

Core water refilling station unit with surround media screens

Security and Anti-litter Features
Optional security and anti-litter features

Water refilling station with a security cap and skirt

Cashless Payment System
Cashless Payment System

Cashless Payment System

HydraChill Machines Hygiene +

HydraChill machines are made in the United Kingdom, are WRAS certified, comply and are marked in accordance with the legislative requirements of the European Community

Learn More about WRAS

The HydraChill machine not only meets WRAS requirements, it is designed to exceed them. WRAS responsibilities lie to the point of delivery. However the dispensing point itself can become a problem area exposed to contamination either by contact with bottles or direct through human touch. The HydraChill unit has a retractable dispensing head, which eliminates both cross contact and direct contamination contact via either bottle or person.

2-in-1 Water and Bottle Stations in Action

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Case Studies

"These machines show the incredible difference that reusing items, such as water bottles, can make. Essentially, we have already saved over one million containers from waste bins or from ending up as litter".

Discovery Museum, Newcastle, Northumbria University

Case Study

 “We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our customers experience whilst traveling on our network. As part of that, we have worked with Hydrachill and Tames Water to keep customers refreshed during their commute”

Transport For London

Case Study

“Single-use plastic bottle waste is now a major issue. and Pineapple are conscious of our responsibilities. HydraChill helps us take a step in the right direction in a dynamic format, which captures our brand quality and enhances user refill experience. Refillable bottle sales have generated significant pay-back”

Pineapple Dance Studios

Case Study

Our brand is a vital asset. HydraChill offers us the ability to add genuine value to our customer service. This is definitely the way forward for our drinking water offering.

Surrey Sports Park

Case Study

"As well as meeting essential hydration requirements, the new multi-screen HydraChill allows us to communicate directly with our students and visitors. It can provide updated news, videos and information and even allow them to interactively choose content".

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Case Study

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