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HydraChill supports shopping centres with water refill stations

Mander Centre

It's hard to believe there was a time when shopping malls would love the idea of a HydraChill but fear the impact on their stores’ single water bottle sales. Not anymore, thanks to Sir David and friends!

Shopping can be thirsty work and leading malls are now eagerly seeking more sustainable ways to hydrate shoppers.

Hardly surprising therefore that leading shopping centres are now actively choosing appealingly customised HydraChills in a bid to become more shopper friendly and sustainable.

Among those introducing HydraChill water refill stations to their shopping arenas is the Mander Centre in Wolverhampton, part of the MAPP group. Shoppers can now fill their cups or bottles with chilled water which is dispensed from our hygienic dispenser, which eliminates any possibility for cross (contact) contamination. For those without bottles an appealingly branded Mander Centre reusable bottle is available from the machine at an affordable £2.

Figures show that 83% of Brits are making more effort than ever to cut their use of plastic with two thirds (67%) considering environmental factors when they go shopping. Introducing water refill machines like HydraChill makes it easier for shoppers to reduce single-use plastic and enjoy freshly chilled water while they’re out and about.

Managing Director of HydraChill Ltd Nick Davis said, “It’s fantastic to see shopping centres such as the Mander Centre tackling the challenge of single-use plastic, so inventively.. Their commitment to shopper sustainability reflects the UK's dramatic cultural shift and uses HydraChill's versatility superbly to both serve and reflect this."

HydraChill's developing range of water refill units can cater for most organisations. From our unique showpiece 2-in1- water refill machines to wall mounted units, ideal for smaller spaces.

Hydrachill Ltd is excited to continue building long term partnerships with UK shopping centres, providing a customised one-stop shop solution for shoppers’ 'on-the-go' hydration needs.