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Demand for HydraChill in secondary schools increases

Streetly Academy Hydrachill

Perhaps one of the more notable features in the groundswell reaction to global warming and single use plastic, has been the passion being generated by the young.

Inspired by what they witness and understandably concerned for the planet they will inherit, it’s little wonder students are banding together for a more sustainable future. Worldwide, thousands have walked out of class demanding action on the climate crisis, as part of #Fridayforfuture, citing lack of will and leadership as the main issue.

The exponential growth of single use plastic around the world is compounding environmental damage and urgently needs halting. For water refiling solutions such as HydraChill, leading the reuse/refill campaign for over a decade (often when few would listen) is now bringing its own rewards. A surge in demand for HydraChills among UK secondary schools in particular has seen students proving invaluable champions.

Schools have increasingly recognised that for good health and environmental reasons, mains fed water bottle filling refilling is an important investment.

"HydraChill machines have evolved into more than just a water station" said business founder Nick Davis. "Powerfully branded and with reusable bottles on offer from the combined water and bottle units, they serve not just to hydrate but help make an important statement on a school's commitment to sustainable change"

The pioneering unit pictured at Streetly Academy, Sutton Coldfield which includes a biometric payment system, reflects just such boldness in message and imagery.

"The Streetly example seemed to spread like wildfire" he added. "We have had a stream of secondary installations follow and have developed a system which makes it easy for schools to adapt their livery and logos to their HydraChill machines"

"But what's been most interesting and encouraging is school heads and others contacting us not only on their school's behalf and interest but because their students have exhorted them to do so, too."

With their business position already well established within this sector as a leading supplier of reusable bottles, we can expect to see HydraChill rise to ever increasing prominence as a symbol of schools embodiment to change.