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Chilled Water Only Refilling Station

Chilled Water Refilling Stations

Fully branded Hydrachills for those requiring a customised chiiled & filtered water-only facility, as standalone or to complement ‘2-in-1’ water and bottle installations. Watch out for 2023 relaunch.

Product Features

Hygienic refill of chilled water

The HydraChill chilled water-only Refilling Station requires the user to already have an available water bottle. The machine can hygienically refill any diameter container, with no physical contact possible with the dispensing head. Spillage is minimised and direct drainage or high-volume water catchment facilities are both available.

The unit is microprocessor-controlled and accurately dispenses chilled  & filtered water in response to a 2-button keypad selection; a one touch 
fixed-level fill button or a manual hold-and-release 'top up' fill.

An LCD display panel shows water delivery status. 
Usage levels can be monitored and configuration altered via a programme menu using both internal and external keypads.

The unit is future proofed for conversion to a 2-in-1 water and bottle unit and can accomodate all other HydraChill added value features, screens included.

Watch out for a revolutionary new launch in 2023.

  • High quality design and visual appeal
    Style in your way to reflect your brand. Integrated or media surround systems optional.
  • Retracting dispensing head
    Eliminates any cross contamination potential, allowing no human or bottle touch with the dispensing head.
  • Robust frame and operation
    Industry-leading reliability and longevity. Unprecedented performance levels.
Chilled Water Only Refilling Station

Product Specific Features

  • Accurately dispenses both one-touch fixed-fill and manual variable level filling quantities
  • Future proofed for conversion to 2-in-1 water and bottle unit
  • Microprocessor controlled using the latest emcu reprogrammable technology

Essential Features

Silent, user-friendly operation

Constant supply of chilled water at 6°C

Low voltage servicing

Designed for disabled access

Electronic price control

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water bottle refilling station?

A water bottle refilling station is a device that allows individuals to refill their reusable water bottles with water. These stations are often found in public spaces such as parks, schools, and gyms.

Why should I use a water bottle refilling station instead of bottled water?

Using a water bottle refilling station helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from single-use plastic water bottles. It also helps to conserve water by promoting the use of tap water rather than bottled water, which requires more resources to produce.

How can I encourage my workplace/school/community to install a water bottle refilling station?

You can encourage your workplace, school, or community to install a water bottle refilling station by presenting the benefits of these stations and highlighting the positive impact they can have on the environment. You can also reach out to local organizations or government officials to inquire about funding opportunities for installation.

Optional Features

Integrated Screen
Integrated Media Screen

Water refilling station with integrated front sceen

Surround Screen
Full Surround Media Screen System

Core water refilling station unit with surround media screens

Security and Anti-litter Features
Optional security and anti-litter features

Water refilling station with a security cap and skirt

Academy Unit
Academy Unit

Reduced scale water-only refilling station

Cashless Payment System
Cashless Payment System

Cashless Payment System

HydraChill Machines Are Certified

HydraChill machines are made in the United Kingdom, are WRAS certified, comply and are marked in accordance with the legislative requirements of the European Community

Learn More about WRAS

Chilled Water Refilling Stations in Action

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Case Studies

"These HydraChill machines show the incredible difference that refilling water bottles can make. Essentially, within the first five years we saved over one million containers from waste bins or from ending up as litter".

Discovering a new world in Northumbria

Case Study

 “We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our customers experience whilst traveling on our network. As part of that, we have worked with Hydrachill and Tames Water to keep customers refreshed during their commute”

Transport For London

Case Study

Amazon: Having Fun and Making History with HydraChill

Case Study

“Single-use plastic bottle waste is now a major issue. and Pineapple are conscious of our responsibilities. HydraChill helps us take a step in the right direction in a dynamic format, which captures our brand quality and enhances user refill experience. Refillable bottle sales have generated significant pay-back”

Pineapple Dance Studios

Case Study

Our brand is a vital asset. HydraChill offers us the ability to add genuine value to our customer service. This is definitely the way forward for our drinking water offering.

Surrey Sports Park

Case Study

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