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HydraChill and the NHS


The importance of good hydration is understood only too well in the NHS, essential to not only staying alive but also for muscle efficiency, skin elasticity, keeping our moods and behaviour balanced and cognitive function. In case we’d forgotten, this of course applies to hospital staff, too. Hospital staff pay so much attention to patient hydration needs, they can sometimes overlook their own.

Regular hydration is as critical for our NHS staff as for patients and visitors Our reusable packaging business has pioneered a solution which has cleared reusable bottles for use including clinical areas within hospitals, now rolling out at NHS Trusts nationwide. HydraChill is a natural bedfellow, providing staff, patients and visitors alike with fresh chilled and filtered drinking water, delivered by the most hygienic method possible. HydraChills proprietary dispensing system eliminates any potential for human or bottle touch. For your hospital or Trust hydration needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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