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Mechanical Wall Mounted Unit

Wall Mounted Units

Quality surface mounted automatic bottle fillers - elegent, space efficient and ideal for schools & colleges, sports & leisure facilties, any multiple location setting

Product Features

An ideal site supplement for your flagship Hydrachill 2-in-1 units.

Space saving and functional, mechanical wall-mounted water refilling units

Tired of your leaky, wobbly floor standing dispensers or those unhygienic fountains that need replacing?

Here's an innovative yet economic solution with hands free or mechanical fill options.

  • A quality Wall Mounted Unit which can save you space and deliver a safer hydration experience.
  • Ideal and affordable either individually or as a multi-unit solution around campus, depot or shop floor.
  • Electronically operated option. The unit automatically refills all containers  Just set down your bottle or cup and it will fill "hands free". Then simply remove the bottle when your required fill level is reached and the machine switches off.
  • An LED screen counts the number of vessels filled and let's your users know how many single-use disposable bottles they have saved.
  • For simplest efficiency and cost  a mechanical manual button alternative is available to those without power access. Proven ideal for remote or supplementary use.


Scroll down for more product information, customisable options and images.

  • Mechanical
    Automatic bottle filling with shut-off timer. Mechanical alternative, operable without the need for power.
  • Surface Mounted
    Mount to any surface to save space. Elegent, durable and efficient.
  • Bottle Alcove
    Large bottle alcove suitable for most refillable bottles.
Wall Mounted Unit

Product Specific Features

  • Electronic “hands free” automatic filling* or mechanically operable without power.
  • Integrated bottle counter & filter monitor (automatic only).
  • Available with optional chiller which can be located remotely

Essential Features

Free site survey available

LED’s illuminate alcove & aids night-time filling (automatic)

Internal metal frame can mount to almost any surface

Customised overhead canopies available for external locations.

Affordable to most business budgets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water bottle refilling station?

A water bottle refilling station is a device that allows individuals to refill their reusable water bottles with water. These stations are often found in public spaces such as parks, schools, and gyms.

Why should I use a water bottle refilling station instead of bottled water?

Using a water bottle refilling station helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from single-use plastic water bottles. It also helps to conserve water by promoting the use of tap water rather than bottled water, which requires more resources to produce.

How can I encourage my workplace/school/community to install a water bottle refilling station?

You can encourage your workplace, school, or community to install a water bottle refilling station by presenting the benefits of these stations and highlighting the positive impact they can have on the environment. You can also reach out to local organizations or government officials to inquire about funding opportunities for installation.

Optional Features

Mechanically Operated

No electrical power required.

Manual Refilling

Push button operated (non automatic)

Site Survey

Free site surveys available

Chilled Water Option

Independently positioned chiller

Hygienic Excellence

HydraChill has an unrivalled reputation for eliminating contact contamination. With the wall mounted units we take this to a new level.

In addition to "hands free' automatic filling option, all antimacrobial components are manufactured with an exclusive silver-based antimicrobial compound. Silver is a well-documented antimicrobial, that can kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses.

Wall Mounted Units in Action

Case Studies

"These HydraChill machines show the incredible difference that refilling water bottles can make. Essentially, within the first five years we saved over one million containers from waste bins or from ending up as litter".

Discovering a new world in Northumbria

Case Study

 “We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our customers experience whilst traveling on our network. As part of that, we have worked with Hydrachill and Tames Water to keep customers refreshed during their commute”

Transport For London

Case Study

Amazon: Having Fun and Making History with HydraChill

Case Study

“Single-use plastic bottle waste is now a major issue. and Pineapple are conscious of our responsibilities. HydraChill helps us take a step in the right direction in a dynamic format, which captures our brand quality and enhances user refill experience. Refillable bottle sales have generated significant pay-back”

Pineapple Dance Studios

Case Study

Our brand is a vital asset. HydraChill offers us the ability to add genuine value to our customer service. This is definitely the way forward for our drinking water offering.

Surrey Sports Park

Case Study

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