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Why HydraChill is not just your average water refilling station


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Type “single-use plastic” into your browser and you’ll find numerous links to articles, and scientific research talking about the risks to public health and the environment. This backlash has created a plethora of new opportunities for water refilling machines to both highlight the misuse of plastic but also highlight the benefits of drinking tap water.

At HydraChill, we were one of the first businesses offering this solution to consumers and are very proud of our history and the impact we have made, with significant further projects under development.

Through trial and error our machines have evolved into more than just a water station. Alongside the reusable bottles on offer from our combined water and bottle units, businesses are now also able to use digital advertising to supplement future profit and ameliorate the loss of revenue from displaced single use water bottles.

In addition to our full system interactive surround solution launched at Cardiff Metropolitan University, customers can now alternatively choose to have digital media screens incorporated into the machine, with HydraChills having also developed the option to incorporate 15”media screens into the front panels of our units.

These screens have already had a tremendous impact according to first buyers. In the attached video, Wyn Evans the Managing Director of Llandarcy Park Ltd talks about how successful retrofitting a screen into one of their HydraChill units has been. He explains how this has not only allowed them to sell their products and services, but also generate additional income from other businesses using the space to advertise.

It’s a great feature for both commercial and non-commercial environments. Bristol University Sport are investing in two further HydraChill units to supplement the three they already have. Both will feature the fifteen-inch screen. So they will serve not just to hydrate and boost the university’s ecological reputation but to help increase awareness on key topics or events that will help boost sports participation throughout the university.

The digital screens are positioned at eye-level and are a great way of catching the customer’s attention whilst waiting for their bottles to be filled. Check out the video to see how yours could look.