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HydraChill comes to Surrey Sports Park


Surrey Sports Park, one of Europe’s premier sport and leisure facilities, has added its first customised HydraChill machine to its list of amenities.

The £36m elite training venue, owned by the University of Surrey, offers world class sports facilities and services for national and international events and teams, hosting 17 Olympic and Paralympic teams for pre-London 2012 training camps.

The Sports Park is also the regular training base of both England women's Rugby and Lacrosse teams. It is also the permanent training base of Harlequins Rugby Union, Surrey Storm Netball, Surrey United Basketball, Surrey Smashers Badminton and leading UK swimming club Guildford City.

Members and visitors using the Sports Park's superb Fitness Centre have become the first to access the attractively customised HydraChill 2-in 1 Water Refilling Station.

The new station vends free chilled water refills to Sports Park members and guests who bring their own bottle, or a Surrey Sports Park branded bottle for members to use and keep for just £2.

Assistant Operations Manager Dave Hitchcock commented, "We were conscious that our previous drinking water provision for members was thoroughly underwhelming, causing us problems, which did not reflect the quality of service required of this facility.

"We wanted to install a suitable fresh water feed in the area outside the Health and Fitness Suite and received positive references from other universities on HydraChill, so this was a perfect opportunity to invest in our first machine. Customer response has already been exceptional."

"Our brand is a vital asset," added Senior Marketing and Communications Officer, Chris Whitehead.

"HydraChill offers us the ability to add genuine value to our customer service. Bottle and machine panels were produced by our own designers in Surrey Sports Park branded artwork to the spec provided for the HydraChill water machine. What we now have courtesy of machine and bottles is brand enhanced service improvement in a cleaner environment. This is definitely the way forward for our drinking water offering"