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There are two versions of the HydraChill water cooler to suit location and consumer requirements:-


hydrachil water dispenser

An innovative 2-in-1 water cooler machine which can separately deliver a spill proof reusable plastic drinking bottle and 500ml of chilled water from the same unit, generating revenue to subsidise free water availability.

Users who already have a water bottle can use the machine to re-fill their existing bottle to save wastage.

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hydrachil water dispenser

A chilled water-only Refilling Station which requires the user to have an available water bottle.

Typically configured to 500ml, the machine can hygienically refill any diameter container with no physical contact made between the container and dispensing mechanism.

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water refilling station

water cooler

  • The units can be configured to dispense amounts ranging from 300ml to 1 litre.
  • * The units can be operated on a Free or Charge Per Use, Swipe Card or Token configured to requirements.



bottle refilling

The machines are easy to use! For example for the Chilled Water Refilling Station simply:

  • Place reusable bottle into the dispensing area.
  • Insert instructed amount / swipe card / insert token* and press button as directed
  • Upon fill completion remove bottle and replace cap

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