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HydraChill Water Refilling Stations are designed to improve and better showcase access to chilled, filtered mains-fed water. HydraChill has been specially developed and manufactured in the UK in association with the UK Water Industry under the Water for Health initiative.

HydraChill provides a practical refilling alternative to disposable bottled water and the demands placed on energy, resources and landfill. Its development has been guided and supervised by the water industry to incorporate WRAS certification and meet industry standards at all points of preparation, installation and commissioning.

In addition to dispensing chilled water to any container, the unique HydraChill '2-in-1' unit also vends brandable reusable water bottles, which can be purchased and then filled and refilled at the machine. The 2-in-1 development is a world first and provides an important revenue source which can contribute significantly to subsidising the availability of free water.

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Machine graphics are customisable to brand, location and message. HydraChill has been successfully piloted and trialled with UK water companies and leading institutes, adding value and attractive brand impact in a range of settings which have demonstrated HydraChill's robustness and popularity.

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water refilling stations

  • Over 2 billion litres of UK bottled water now consumed annually
  • Most bottles are jettisoned, adversely impacting UK litter and landfill
  • Over 25% of all UK bottled water is imported
  • Yet UK tap water quality is among the highest in the world
  • Consumers desire easier, greener, economic access for their refillable bottles


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  • Improve accessible water access for 'on-the-go‚' consumers
  • Subsidise free water availability with branded refillable bottle sales
  • Reduce litter recovery costs generated by single-use plastic bottles
  • Support the carbon energy efficiency of mains-fed delivery
  • Highlight UK tap water quality and water's importance to health & hydration
  • Enhance location appeal with a quality facility and service
  • Retain positive brand message with affordable reusable bottles




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