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The HydraChill concept was developed through a working party of UK water companies operating initially through Water UK under the umbrella of the Water For Health initiative.

The group’s objective was to develop and publicly trial a system which could help radically improve public 'on-the-go' access to fresh, chilled drinking water in a format which could also highlight important health, hydration & environmental issues.

HydraChill stations should encourage consumers to reuse rather than dispose of their water containers, providing a helpful alternative to environmental concerns on bottled water's energy, litter and landfill waste.

The units should ideally offer free, charity-contributable or nominal fee access, ensuring consumer water use is not constrained by financial circumstance.

HydraChill is a UK business, established to trial and develop the principle. UK made, HydraChill Water Refill Stations have been launched in co-operation with DwrCymru Welsh Water, Northumbrian Water and Thames Water in a series of trials designed to guide and inform on suitability in a range of locations and configurations.

The unique 2-in-1 re-fillable container and water units, a world first, have proved particularly popular with consumers and customers, offering an original means to support the provision of free water through brand enhanced reusable sports bottles.

hydrachil water dispenser
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